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What are the Different Dumpster Sizes?

When it comes to finding the right dumpster, there is no one size fits all. There are different factors that will determine which dumpster size is the best fit for your location, including the type and amount of waste, its weight, and your budget. The dumpster rental offers sizes from 10 to 40 cubic yards.

Dumpster Size 10 cubic yards 20 cubic yards 30 cubic yards 40 cubic yards

Weight limit 1 ton 3 ton 5 ton 6 ton

Capacity 50-70 trash bags 110-130 trash bags 170-190 trash bags 230-250 trash bags

Dimensions(ft.) 10*7*4 20*7*4 20*8*5 22*8*8

The different dumpster sizes and what can fit into it

10-yard dumpster: These are not big and may be appropriate for smaller residential cleanup projects. You can fit in:

  • Basement or garage waste

  • deck removal

  • roof shingles single layer

  • small kitchen or bath renovation

20-yard dumpster: This is the right size for many projects. When thinking of how big is a 15-yard dumpster is, remember it is very close to a 20-yard dumpster. You can fit in:

  • basement, attic or garage cleaner

  • flooring or carpet removal

  • deck removal

  • roof shingle single layer removal

30-yard dumpster: This is the right solution for residential cleanouts and commercial cleanup projects. You can fit in:

  • Additional home debris

  • construction debris

  • garage demolition debris

  • whole home window or siding replacement

40-yard dumpster: These are ideal for large residential projects, commercial cleanups and industrial applications. You can fit in:

  • Window or siding replacement

  • Commercial roof tear off

  • commercial or residential office cleanout

  • Large amount of demolition debris, trash, or cardboards

What to consider when choosing a container size

The three biggest factors determining the dumpster size are:

#1: Amount and type of debris

Estimating the volume of your debris can be challenging, especially for residence and construction debris. Choosing a small dumpster can be an expensive mistake if you save a few bucks on your debris. The only thing that will happen is that once you do remove the dumpster, you’ll end up paying double than your intended budget.

#2: Weight and height restrictions

A dumpster service cannot legally haul your debris on the road if your truck is filled too high. Even when thinking of how big is a 20-yard dumpster, you should always look for the right size dumpster for your waste.

#3: Spacing at the worksite

If you need a dumpster to be placed in the small driveway or alley, be sure to check its dimensions, compare it with the available area, and then hire a dumpster.

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